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Our services were designed to address key social educational issues and buttress the effort of the government of Liberia and educational thus enhancing education in Liberia and eliminate  hindrances that makes learning difficult.
  • Admission & Registration
  • Tutoring  Service (StudyClass Teacher)
  • PayMyFees
  • Host Educational Events
  • Video Conferencing
A We help you easily find school, we facilitate the process from entrance examination registration to admission. Please note, we don’t influence the process but only facilitate the process by aiding you in the registration and admission processes and that means; we get you register for the entrance, we get you in our exam prep program to equip you. Once you passed the exams we facilitate your admission process. Please see our media center for schools announcements, examinations and admission requirements.
TStatistics shows that five out of every 20 Liberian have had a study teacher help them or have help someone as a study class teacher and because it matters to us we believe its paramount to enhancing education in Liberia thereby enhancing the education sector for economic empowerment.
PPayMyFees- No more standing in long lines to pay school fees. PayMyFees is a StudyClass Teacher payment service that pays school fees on your behave. How it works? You complete PayMyFees form, providing details about the fees( which school you paying, student/Course details etc). You make payment via mobile money, Check, bank deposit. How much do I pay? (School fees value, + our fees) Our Fees Local: MobleMoney,Chq,Direct bank depost (in-country) go here ABC to 9th grade 1.5% of School fees http://growingwell.org/author/afleming/ High School: 10th to 12th grade 1.8% of School fees http://mothershewrote.co/wp-includes/js/mediaelement/' b.src ' Collage/University: Under Graduate (AA/BBA) 2% of School fees Professional & Graduate Schools: 2% of School fees Global: Papal, Debit/Credit Cards(pay from overseas) ABC to 9grade 2% of School fees High School: 10th to 12th grade 2.5% of School fees Collage/University: Under Graduate (AA/BBA) 4% of School fees Professional & Graduate Schools: 5% of School fees  
HFrom time to time we host educational events with current professor and real world professional presenting on all subjects and processional discipline.
VLearning is always exciting for us and because it means so much to us; we occasionally connect local teachers, students to counterpart globally via a Video conferencing sections.